VA Clinics are your elite destination for leading aesthetic treatments and enhancements. We gather a plethora of premium approaches designed to achieve excellent results. Our experience sets us apart, with pioneer specialists, who work closely with you, put your desires first, and help transform your life for the better.


Our premise is to help you feel and look your best with the use of the most advanced techniques. Our medical approach is based on using skilful methods incorporated with the accuracy of science to provide long lasting results. We are committed to present leading procedures and frontline treatments, as we pride ourselves on granting our patients with only the best bespoke experiences.

Skin care concept


Our mission is to provide superior and sensible services, driven by our promise to meet our patients’ needs. We dedicate loyalty and professionalism in our practice to guarantee the return of happy and satisfied patients.


We aspire to establish trust and excellent reputation, and become one the leading Poly Clinics in the UAE. We aim to expand in different locations in the Mena region, and accomplish our future endeavors worldwide.

Our Team

Our team will accompany you throughout your journey, until achieving the results you desire.


Aesthetic Dermatologist

Dr. Hussam Yacoub

Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Ahmad Namous

Cosmetic/ Prosthodontics dentist

Dr. Mohammad Al Hattab

GP Aesthetic

Ms. Mary Joy Guzman

Laser Therapist

Ms. Shara Bragat

Laser Therapist